The Barcelona Chair in Vintage Leather

The vintage leather Barcelona chair is a piece of furniture which projects timeless elegance and luxurious comfort. It is a chair that is often used more as symbol of wealth and even social status. Adding these pieces of furniture immediately communicates something to your visitors. It shows you have got a taste for elegance. If that is the image you want to project for your business, you will succeed immeasurably by incorporating the love seat.  It is often used in different kinds of rooms and lobbies. You are most likely to find it in the hotel lobbies and some office receptions.

For the past decades since the chair was showcased at the German Pavilion in Barcelona international trade fair, it has retained its splendid air of elegance and top-end quality. They are still made with the highest of quality standards imaginable with the best of leather materials. The vintage leather Barcelona chair is made from the best quality leather on a very solid and sturdy stainless steel frame. This classic design has endured for 80 years and it is still the design that is widely deployed in designing these seats.  This kind of simple and elegant design makes the chair very easy to use. When you buy this chair, you can look forward to years of trouble-free use of the chair. The cushions of the chair are also made from high-density foam and these will assure you of unparalleled relaxation as well as comfort when used.

A Little Bit of History

The vintage leather Barcelona chair was designed in the late 20s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe along with Lilly Reich. Its name is derived from the fact that it was built for and exhibited at the German Pavilion in Barcelona during an International Expo. While the first chair was made in 1929, the chair was later redesigned by Van der Rohe himself in 1950. Today you are likely to find the chair in both the stainless steel as well as the chrome frame configurations. The leather cushions are tufted and today they come in a variety of colors. The vintage look of the chair is one of the most preferred options by people who love to have some taste of vintage in their homes.

You can buy Barcelona chair at the Metro Furniture in the UK which offers some of the best quality and most original designs of the Barcelona love seat. Fans are guaranteed to find the real deal when they purchase from this mid-century furniture store. Apart from the vintage leather Barcelona chair, there are other pieces of the mid-century furniture that you will also find at the store. These include the Harry Bertoia wire chair which, like the Barcelona love seat, is manufactured by Knoll. This is an industrial Side Chair which is one of the great jewels of the mid-century furniture design revolution. Many of the mid-century Bauhaus-inspired designers such as Mies and Bertoia found great inspiration in the sublime elegance of industrial materials and this shines through in these beautiful furniture pieces.

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