Common Misconceptions About Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of the most misunderstood things about the home, yet it plays one of the most important roles in any home or building. It will keep your home cool and dry and prevent the condensation of moisture in your home in diverse weather conditions. Attic ventilation in Acworth GA, will help you cut down on energy costs while keeping your home comfortable. Yet we hold various misconceptions about this important installation. Some of these misconceptions include the following:

attic ventilation in Acworth GA

It is Good to Have More Attic Ventilation

Some people may wrongfully assume that because attic ventilation plays such an important role in venting the home, the more of this, the better. But that is not necessarily the case. On the contrary, it is required that you install only the right amount of attic ventilation in Acworth, GA, for your home. While inadequate ventilation will create plenty of moisture problems in the attic during the winter and drive up your cooling costs during the summer, too much ventilation will be just as bad.

Too much attic ventilation in Marietta, GA, in your roofing will create extra roof penetration in your home. While you might see this as an extra vent to keep your attics cool and dry, it is also another point of vulnerability that could cause leaks in the roof. During hurricanes, extreme venting in the roof is likely to create blowouts. They can even allow sparks of wildfire to penetrate the house and cause significant damage to the house interiors.

In order to determine the right amount of attic ventilation in Kennesaw, GA, that you will need in your home, it is important to consult a professional attic ventilation installation professional who will accurately determine your unique requirements.

Roof Venting is For Warmer Climates

This is another misconception that we have when it comes to attic ventilation in Acworth, GA. While it is true that proper ventilation helps reduce the cooling costs in hotter climates or during warmer seasons, there are other factors which are more important to the overall energy efficiency of the home, such as insulation and shingle color. These can be easily eroded in colder climates or during the winter in case your house lacks insulation. In cold or wintry conditions, the attic ventilation will mostly help in reducing moisture damage to the house by keeping the air dry.

Roofing ventilation will remove the warm air during winter

This is another major misconception when it comes to the installation of attic ventilation in Acworth, GA. Many assume that installing ventilation will keep the ice colder in the winter. If you see a drag in your building heating efficiency during the winter, then the main culprit for this is mostly the poor insulation installed in your home and not necessarily the ventilation.

Don’t let these misconceptions prevent you from installing the best roofing ventilation in Acworth, GA that will protect your house from damages, while also contributing to your energy efficiency. Hire a professional contractor in Georgia such as Ventilator King and get the best attic ventilation installed in your home.

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