Make Better Bale Handling with the Tuscan Silage Bale Spike

Proper handling of your silage bale is of great importance. Getting this wrong can lead to tremendous losses for many farmers particularly when oxygen enters the silage mass during the handling process which can lead to a host of problems like the growth of yeast, listeria and molds in the bale. The importance of machines cannot be underestimated and along with the workmanship operator, can be of great importance when it comes to bale handling. The Tuscan round bale spike is one of the industry workhorses when it comes to bale handling in the Asia Pacific region.


Risks in bale handling

Oxygen is the single most important factor which will affect the harvested forage and the quality of the silage. By adopting careful bale management practices and using quality bale handling equipment, it is possible to reduce these adverse effects to a bare minimum. The best bale management practices must be incorporated in every stage – before and after wrapping – of the handling process.

Dangers with spiking

One of the best ways to minimize these effects is by wrapping your bale at the stack instead of the field. Operators sometimes move the unwrapped bale from the field to the stack through spiking and this is when the oxygen will seep into the bale mass. The spikes are also commonly used when moving your bale mass from the storage area to the mixer. Instead of you ending up with a bale mass that is tightly packed, you might as well end up with a bale with plenty of oxygen at the center during the storage process and this will lead to mold growth at the center. When farmers have to spike, it is therefore important to use excellent quality silage bale spike that delivers excellent results.

Best spiking equipment in Australia

Tuscan manufactures some of the best bale spiking equipment for farmers. The innovative equipment is characterized with great efficiency and durability. They are not built to fail like equipment from other manufacturers that usually become obsolete after a few years of use.

Part of this is due to the family tradition and the high standards that it imposes in the manufacture of the equipment. The family has farmed intensively for four generations and has two generations of engineers who have modified the old silage bale spike and built in place a highly efficient round bale spike that is future-proof and free of all the problems and malfunctions that bedevil other bale handling equipment commonly used by farmers.

The design of the Tuscan round bale spike has put into consideration the problems commonly faced by farmers and delivers innovative and durable spiking equipment. The spike is hydraulic-powered and permits farmers to carefully transport both square and round bales anywhere across the farm from the storage depots. It also makes the loading of the bales into the mixers a lot easier.  It makes use of a square bale fork that makes it easy to grip and release the bales. It is versatile enough to handle bales of all sizes, shapes and weights.

This versatility along with the durability makes the Tuscan round bale spike one of the best in the industry. Check out to learn more about the Tuscan’s innovative bale handling implement.

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