Time for a Bathroom Facelift: Reasons to remodel

Nowadays, people live in their current homes for a long period of time. If you live in a particular house for a long time, it can be boring to use the same bathroom or struggle with the same toilet handle. For this reason, an idea of a bathroom remodel in Waite Park MN will eliminate the boredom and make you have a different feel. A reason that can prompt bathroom renovations is broken fixtures. Below are actual reasons to renovate your bathroom:

Handicap accessibility

The owners of the home are aging and some get special needs. You can also accommodate a family member that is using a wheelchair. For this reason, having a bathroom remodel in Waite Park MN is an option that you need to consider. This will ensure the person using the wheelchair feels comfortable and can access every part of the house. There are the right tubs available in the market. You can also add a slip proof tile to reduce the risk of people slipping in the bathroom.

Outdated bathroom

Even though the time spent in the bathroom is minimal, it’s a good feeling to have a bathroom with colorful decorations. If you are tired of the black and pink tiles on your bathroom wall, have a change and consider green tiles or the other color of your choice by considering a bathroom renovation in Baxter MN. If you had previously done a remodel of the walls, you can now re install the tub or renovate that plastic liner shower that has been leaking for a long time ruining the floor.

Resale value

If you are considering selling your house, a bathroom remodel in Waite Park MN will increase the resale value. No buyer wants to purchase an ancient bathroom. Most homeowners want a new and colorful bathroom alongside the kitchen. In case your bathroom is unsafe, outdated or cramped, your home will be difficult to sell compared to a house that has a modern bathroom.

Mold and mildew

If you start spotting mold in your bathroom, it’s a wake up call that your bathroom needs to be renovated. The mold develops in wet and poorly ventilated bathrooms. Molds and mildew do not develop immediately you move in a new house; they develop after a period of time. The growth of mildew and mold is a health hazard because it leads to respiratory problems. The mold also makes the floor slippery and people can fall. However, good bathroom renovation in Rogers MN or whichever city you’re in will eliminate this problem.

Not enough space

When you were relocating to your house fifteen years ago, your family was definitely smaller than it is now. Your family has since grown and the space in the bathroom is no longer enough. If you cannot do anything in the bathroom before you close the door, you definitely need to expand it. The storage space may also be squeezed or in case you have increased the supply of toiletries. You can add the cabinets and the space will increase.

If you have experienced any of the above factors, consider a bathroom remodel in Baxter MN or wherever you are. You can get the remodel within your budget. Select the colors you want and share the design with the specialist. The remodel cost is worth the outcome. For more details, just visit http://johnmondlochconstruction.com/services/bathrooms/bathroom-remodel-waite-park-mn/

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