Vintage Wall Art Ideas for your Home

If you are bored with plain walls, generic home decors, or basic framed photographs at home – maybe it’s time to spice things up with more style. Most households prioritize function and often neglect style, hence mismatched pieces and randomly-picked home accents. However, all it takes to put together a room is vintage wall art.

Vintage Wall Art

While every piece adds charm to a household, finding the right vintage wall art brings a bolder statement and possibly sets the tone. It doesn’t take so much to turn a comfortable home into a stylish one as well.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are antiques that cost a fortune. But for those within a budget, more affordable pieces and even DIY artwork can do so much for your interior decoration.

For those seeking to redesign their home with a striking vintage wall art, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Designer Lamps. This is a perfect example of a function-neglecting style. People often purchase lamps solely for its function. The brighter and the wider its scope, the better it is. However, if you can actually find the right designer lamp that suits your desired theme of a room, then you just might have hit two birds with one stone.

A simple table lamp or a floor lamp can brighten up the colors of a room, as well as the ambiance. Vintage lighting fixtures give off sophisticated auras, while funky-colored ones complement a more vibrant room design.

2. Furniture. Similar to designer lamps, people see furniture as furniture. Limited to available colors at the shop – furniture are bought solely to become storage spaces, seats, or anything with function.

Since majority of a room space is consumed by furniture – by simply making more effort to mixing and matching these pieces, it can turn a simple wall into an extraordinary corner in your household.

There are also online furniture for sale that you can browse through to give you various inspirations. Properly position these pieces against a plain wall – it can lighten up the mood or create a mysterious vintage environment at home.

3. Canvas Prints. Framed photographs always remain to be a classic. Canvas prints have been available for a long time, but not many people know that you can actually customize or make one for yourself. Either by going to a professional or if you feel like having a DIY project, then online instructions are available as well.

These prints also offer an intimate and a more affordable option to paintings. It is also a new format compared to framing pictures. Sizes vary and you can extend one family photograph into several canvas prints. Ideas are limitless, but make sure to blend the prints well with the theme of your home.

These are just a few inspirations to consider for your household. While a vintage wall art can be costly, more reasonably-priced options are also available. It is not the price of a piece that decides impact to your home, but how well you decorate and design it according to your own taste and comfort. Check out!

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