6 Ways to Save On Your Bathroom Renovation Project

The bathroom is one of the most essential elements of our home, and we want to keep it as nice and as comfortable as possible. But we all know bathroom renovation is not a cheap project to have. Prices of fixtures and fittings have soared higher than ever. But don’t despair, as we have compiled some of the best tips from the bathroom suppliers Perth market to help you save on your bathroom renovation project. Here are some tips to revamp your bathroom without spending big.

Look for Second-hands

Shiny showrooms are definitely not the only place to get some good-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures. As a matter of fact, many companies in the bathroom suppliers Perth industry stock secondhand items, which are high-quality items from reputable brands, for just a fraction of a cost. Also, there many offer factory second-hand products, something like “overruns”, which poses only minor problems like little dents and dings in its boxes, or nondescript marks on the product.

Shop Around

As with most things in home renovation, shopping around can give you the best bargain options. Many bathroom suppliers Perth providers now offer price-beat guarantees, which means dropping the price just to make the sale. Tuck Plumbtec for example, has a wide variety and selection of bathroom supplies, from showers to baths and spas, basins, bidets to toilets, accessories, and various vanity bathroom products.

Find Cheap Accessories

Accessories can add color and life to our bathroom, and the good thing about them is, they don’t need to be expensive. Choose pieces that are aqua, straw or vibrant in colors. Have a little theme that coincides throughout your bathroom accessories and consistent hues, from baskets, boxes, soap dispenser, vases, etc. Tuck Plumbtec has some of the best quality bathroom supplies with very affordable price tags.


Most of us don’t have the luxury to renovate the entire bathroom (change the tiles, purchase a new bathtub, etc.,) but bathroom renovation is not just about te replacement of existing pieces. Repainting with a new and fresh color can make a huge difference. Depending on what color, finish and style of repainting you choose, it can even add a luxurious look. If you have s small space, you can use white or any neutral colors to make it look bigger and clutter-free.

Bring outdoor items in

There are many ways to add luxurious look to your bathroom, one is to add some greeneries and natural tones in it. Adding some potted plants, woods, etc., is a nice and cheap way to add color and life to modern bathrooms with largely chrome and stainless steel finish. Light neutral colors and warm earthy tones can make the space feel more comfortable. For a spa-like vibe, choose sustainable items, such as wood, granite, marble, and stone.

Also, there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives out there. Faux wood tiles for example, discourages mold formation, is safer, more eco-friendly, and far more sustainable than real wood tiles.

Opt for water-saving systems

Conserving water should always be the top priority of your renovation. Fortunately for you, more and more bathroom suppliers Perth companies, such as Tuck Plumbtec for example, design water-saving devices that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional as well.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many ways to save on your bathroom renovation project. Do your homework now and research on the things you will need.

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Managing Separation Anxiety: Sending Your Parents to Aged Care

It’s one of the toughest decisions you will make in your life. Sending your parents to a nursing home can be difficult. The one who reared you is now going away—and you will be driving the car. Today with Australia’s increasing aging population, the government is funneling more budget to the aged care sector. Policy reforms focus on consumer based systems and services, which means more customized services for patients’ diverse needs.

If you’re in Melbourne, you might be telling yourself that your aging parents will get the best of services in aged care Craigieburn has today. However, the guilt nibbles your ears with its little fangs every night. How will you manage? You’re certain you didn’t do anything wrong, but a nagging feeling won’t let you sleep. Here’s how to make use of your separation anxiety:

The big buffer

This is when you plan and prepare for your parents moving to residential aged care.

Transitioning time

The first step in the process of moving your parents is consulting their doctor. They might help you in assessing your parents’ eligibility for Australia’s government subsidized care for an aged care home. It’s called Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment.

Making them understand

This may be the first hard part. If your parents refuse for a while, making them understand the benefits of moving them to a nursing home may be challenging. If you want to opt for the services of respite Craigieburn offers today, be sure to make them at ease by bringing them to the nursing home for a few times before moving them in.


The ACAT will help you with this. They will suggest where to apply once your loved ones pass the eligibility assessment. A nursing home Craigieburn has today such as Arcare has specialized treatments and facilities for Dementia patients you might want to check. The personal aged care Craigieburn agencies offer include Palliative care.

First few nights

Almost all relatives of aged care residents describe the first nights as the worst. Guilt is eating you up and no amount of positive thinking seems to ease it. They were your parents, after all. To ease this, you can:

  • Visit them for daily or bi-weekly, depending on your free time.
  • Write your experiences in a journal—and while at it, you can list down some activities you can do when you visit them.
  • Meditate.
  • Spend time volunteering.
  • Exercise to combat the stress.

Some services in agencies involve relatives during in-house meetings and counseling.

Guilt comes and goes

While early planning eases the heightened feelings of anxiety and guilt, it may come back. You will feel anger, then frustration, and relief—sometimes simultaneously. You may have made promises you can’t keep. Most of the time, it’s a paradox because that you believe you’re doing them a favor, but you seem to have also abandoned them. But remember that this too shall pass—you won’t even notice guilt as long as you’re acting out on it. You may not see the end of it for now, but soon you will.

You can move beyond guilt by accepting that this is normal. After all, it’s not too late. The aged care Craigieburn agencies offer today includes visiting schedules any time of the week. You can still make memories with them when you visit them.

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