Versatile utility of that simple tool namely the deck screws

As you know, screws play a pivotal role in any manufacturing process. Although the design of screws is customized to the needs of the manufacturing process, they are also designed to certain standard dimensions.  Further, the screws are also available in different designs like wooden screws, decking screws, metal screws and so on. The deck screws are originally designed for being used on woods. Recently, in Australia, plastic decking products including screws have been introduced to the market. Such wood plastic composite (WPC) screws are now being extensively used in several mechanical processes.

Pre-drill the wood:

Basically, the decking screws are designed to hold soft wood like pine wood. However, there are exclusive screws suitable for other types of woods as well. But, if you are using deck screws on hardwood, then you may have to pre-drill the wood and also pre-countersink the wood. This enables you to conveniently drive the deck screw into the slot.


 Further, decking screws in Australia are made of stainless steel, copper, zinc or such other metals that are corrosion free. Now, you also find screws made of plastic and such other materials. Further, these screws are designed to lay smoothly against the surface of the wood. This process is called countersinking, which means the screws sink themselves securely into the slot, and thereby ensures smooth surface of the wood.

Tapered shank:

In order to ensure countersinking, the decking screws are exclusively designed by what is known as ‘shank design’. Shank is the thread less portion that is just below the head (top) of the screw.  Although shank is proportional to the length and the width of the screw, yet larger the area of shank (thread less portion), higher will be the performance of the screw. In fact, the unique feature of deck screws is they are provided with a tapered shank.

Screws in varying sizes and designs:

Like any other screw, even deck screws are available in different sizes, designs, lengths and with shanks of varying sizes. In the normal course, the top (head of the screw) will be round or square shape. Normally, from the point of view of operational convenience, square head deck screw is preferred because it effectively holds the screwdriver.

Composite deck screw:

In order to ensure efficiency of the deck screws, now exclusive composite deck screws have also been introduced. These are strong screws with abundant fastening characteristics.  The composite screws are normally made of carbon steel or stainless steel or copper so that the screw remains corrosion free. Further, these screws are designed with exclusive tri-lobo thread so as to eliminate the possibility of damage to the composite board of the thread.

Different colors:

Now, you also find some of the screws decking are designed in such a way that they remove the need to pre-drill the board so as to reduce the possibility of splitting. Further, the decks are now available in different colors so as to provide attractive finish to the board. Further, the deck screws will not cause a burden on your wallet.

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